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What is the difference between Tier 1, 2 & 3 Tickets?

Nothing except price! Most of our events are general admission. You know how hotels, airlines and other businesses like this charge higher prices as you get closer to the date and as occupancy fills? Well so do we! We like to reward those folks who

Is a QR Code Ticket required for entry to events?

Having your QR code ready to scan makes event admission a whole lot faster. That being said if you really have misplaced it, we're also able to look your name up in out ticketing system and check you in that way as well. We'd much prefer you have

Ticket Cancelation Policy

You are entitled to cancel your purchase of and return your Ticket(s) at any time prior to the scheduled date of the Event to which the Ticket(s) apply by contacting the ticketing agent or RUPC (whichever is applicable) and arranging such

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