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Unlock Your Magical Event Ticket Discounts – A Special Treat for Unicorns.LIVE Members! 🌟🎟️Updated 6 months ago

Hello, fabulous Unicorns.LIVE members! 🦄✨ Are you ready to dive into a world of dazzling events with some exclusive unicorn-style discounts? Well, flutter those wings because we’re here to sprinkle some discount dust on how you can score those sweet deals on event tickets through Whether you’re an annual or monthly member, we’ve got a special savings spell just for you!

🌈 Discount Magic: What’s Your Unicorn Status?

Here’s the deal: our annual members get a fabulous 20% off on all event tickets, while our monthly members enjoy a cool 15% off. Remember, these sparkly discounts are for those who’ve upgraded from the mystical realm of the free trial to the enchanted land of paid subscriptions.

🪄 How the Discount Works: It’s Like Magic!

Once you’re a paid member of Unicorns.LIVE, our secret unicorns behind the screen work their magic. They ensure that your Rebellious Unicorns account (created with the same email you used on Unicorns.LIVE) is enchanted with the discount power.

🎟️ Snagging Your Discounted Tickets: Follow the Rainbow

Your path to discounted event glory is just a few unicorn steps away:

  1. Log In to Your Account: Head over to your account.(Must be the same email you used on Unicorns.LIVE
  2. Pick Your Event: Browse and select the event tickets you wish to purchase.
  3. Add to Cart: Add tickets for your chosen event to your cart.
  4. Automatic Discount: Our magical system automatically applies a 20% discount for annual members or a 15% discount for monthly members to the total price.
  5. Complete the Purchase: Proceed to checkout as you normally would – with a bit more sparkle!

🤔 Troubleshooting: When Unicorns Get Playful

Even in the realm of unicorns, things can go a bit haywire. If you encounter any mystical mishaps:

  • Discount Not Showing? Double-check you’re logged in with the same email as your Unicorns.LIVE account. Email changes recently? You might need to ping us for a bit of backend wizardry.
  • Membership Status Check: These discounts are for our paid members. If you’re not there yet, that’s your first step!
  • Patience is Magical: Sometimes the discount takes a moment to appear – about 30 seconds of unicorn time.
  • Still Having Issues? Don’t fret! Contact us, and we’ll help straighten things out.

📣 Extra Help? Our Unicorn Team is Ready!

If you’re facing any puzzling predicaments or just need some unicorn guidance, we’re here for you. Our team is ready to assist and ensure your event ticket buying experience is as magical as a unicorn’s dream!


And there you have it, stunning Unicorns.LIVE members! Follow these shimmering steps, and you’ll be unlocking your event ticket discounts in no time. 🌈🎫 Remember, every unicorn journey is sprinkled with a little bit of challenge and a lot of magic! 🦄✨

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