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Unicorn Booty (no longer active)

What is Unicorn Booty?

Let's face it. We all want some booty. Unicorn Booty that is! Introducing our plump new loyalty currency that can be spent on event tickets, merch, and much more. Get some booty? Earn Unicorn Booty by making purchases on the Rebellious Unicorns

How do I earn Unicorn Booty?

You earn Unicorn Booty by making purchases directly on this website.  You can earn by the following: * Earn $5 for creating a new account * Earn a % of spending: * 2.5% on your first $1500 in spending * 5% on your spending of $1501 to $3000

How do I redeem Unicorn Booty?

When it's time to redeem your booty let us walk you through how to redeem it: 1. Redeem with an online purchase. (You must be logged into your account on this site.) 2. Select your items and "add to cart" 3. Go to the shopping cart 4